Chief Pinning

Chief covers lined up in a row

The wait will be over soon!

Congrats Chief Select!!!

Being selected to become a Navy Chief is arguably one of the biggest accomplishments in a sailors naval career!

While the 6 weeks of the season will NOT be easy, they will prepare you in ways you never thought possible.

You know what IS easy? Booking me to be the one to document your pinning ceremony!!!

There is a pretty good chance that the command will have a photographer there. However, you DON'T know their skill level, can't guarantee how the images will look AND can't guarantee that YOUR sailor will be featured solely in any of the images.

Leave the guessing behind and KNOW that you can have these memories for years to come!

So what does the session come with you ask?

Oh, don't mind if I do!!

I am there about 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the pinning (usually a little earlier), and will stay until about 15-20 minutes post ceremony to grab a few family pictures!

You will get a link to a short video that will have some videos clips and still images from the day.

From a gallery of proofs, you will be able to select your favorite 15 images to have as digital images as well as in a 5x5 photobook.

What better than to have images to share with friends and family AND have beautifully preserved in a professional photobook to enjoy for years to come.

I will only take on ONE pinning, that's it! I'm all yours. This session $650+tax.

Want to be my pinning client this year? Contact me below!