Hero Day Sessions are baaaaacccckkkkk!!!

What are these so called sessions you say?

WELLLLLLL..... These are sweet and simple 5 minute sessions to celebrate the month of the military child (April!!).

Military families and children have to endure situations that others may never experience if not being in or connected to the military. Military children amaze me in how resilient and strong they are! It's never easy not knowing when mom or dad might be coming home next, or if they will be home for dinner, bed time, birthdays and holidays.

So April is dedicated to them! I have these sessions also dedicated to them!

Please come and enjoy having your children pictured with their military hero (service member must be dressed in any type of their military uniform.).

Participants will receive 1 complimentary digital image from the session (you get to choose!) and if you wish to add anything additional on (absolutely NO OBLIGATION TO DO SO!), you can do so at a 50% savings <3

Grab your spot today! The form is below!!

These sessions will be held in a backyard garden in Norfolk, VA this year!